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Инструкцию swimovate - музыку mp3 массква

Feb 18, 2011 Review of the Swimovate Pool Mate Pro watch and software. of the well written instruction sheets and 10 minutes of playing with the setup. Instruction manual. Quickstart/overview guide x4 change to yards and lbs. Quick Start. CLOCK. SETUP change pool length change body weight x3 change. ИНСТРУКЦИЯ К ЧАСАМ. PoolMate HR – спортивные водонепроницаемые часы (5 атм) от британской компании Swimovate с нагрудным пульсометром.

Our web-based logging platform MYPOOLMATE.COM 1, You just need to install our mypoolmatelink app for your computer 2, Create an account. Swimovate PoolMate Manuals 1. PoolMate Brochure (PDF) 2. Poolmate Manuals (PDF) English Spanish German French Portuguese Italian 3. Poolmate2. The instruction manual appears to have some key information relating to setting the pool length, but after a little investigation and the simple menu system it was. Mar 26, 2015 . The Swimovate PoolMate Live has a bright display that can be read . a full- blown instruction manual, rather than a slip of paper directing

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